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Eammanuel Raj
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My Name is Emmanuel Raj. Grew up in small town in malaysia. since ever i wached my first movie in theater , ive always wanted to be a part of this creative though artful industry. paralally ive interest in drawing. draw decendly since small. at same age someone coined me the word visual story telling. since then it stucked on me. so ive came to a idea of persuing my higher studies in related field. i joined graphic design. and learned to tell stories through visuals. as i told since small i always wanted to be director.then i chanel my studies n tallent to film making. for me film making is a tool. a tool to change the world. thats what i beleive. now at this point im learning to write my first script. i wanted to join script evolution communitee to seek help for my passion. this will be good platform for me to learn and practice on screen writing.

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