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Earl R Joseph
Miami, United States

Earl R Joseph believes there is no gift greater than life. Earl believes that in every situation there is a lesson to be learned.  Earl grew up on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, where he learned to value family, friends, and coworkers. He knows that it is always interesting to meet people who he has never met before. Earl believes in living a purposeful life, accomplishing goals, never remaining stagnant, and understand that it is important to keep sipping from the fountain of knowledge. Earl is passionate about knowing the truth, a peaceable and fruitful life for all men, and equity for all. Earl finds his hubbies in writing, drawing, and drumming. He is compelled to surrender to the soothing sound of contemporary jazz. Earl is A published author. His first novel “The Legends of Azariah, Magnificent Armor” was published in 2011. Earl is certified in construction Technology and Certified as an MEE Technician. Earl takes pleasure in the progress of himself and others. He thinks of it as a pleasure to help others attain their goals.

Scripts By Earl R

Kallico Khan
A defiant princess ignites a spark of anger in her sibling which he nurtures into a raging desire for supremacy and unleashes a dreadful assault against his father’s kingdom.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 117pp
King of Shadows
After pilfering a small item, a vacationing couple finds themselves cursed with dark energy, amid a war between siblings and in a battle against a Russian psycho maniac.
Feature Action, Animation For sale 120pp
Dreadful Kingdom
A desperate gun manufacturer betrays his partner's trust and causes the murder of his only son when he hires an assassin to eliminate the secretary-general of the international arms committee.
Feature Action, Drama, War For sale 93pp