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Early-Ray Mixon
Albuquerque, United States

My scripts are wild rides meant for pure entertainment. 

I love writing the kind of story that takes the audience on a journey. Where strong characters are absolutely put through the ringer. I like action, adventure, science fiction, fantasy and crime related genres. What I write isn't meant to represent a realistic world, educate or push a message.   It's meant to be fun!

As a writer of color I want to include as much diversity as possible. I like to specify minorities as central characters so that if a film or pilot is made, performers who might otherwise be overlooked will get a better shot.

I also sometimes will include specific music cues in my scripts. I understand all of the challenges involved with securing music rights and that directors might have other ideas for the soundtrack. I include my music cues to ensure that my ideas for the soundtrack are on record in the hope that some of those ideas may make it to screen.


Scripts By Early-Ray

Jimmy & The Golden Chopsticks
When an evil dragon attacks his uncle's shop with demons, a mixed-race teen has to unlock the secret powers of the golden chopsticks and stop the dragon from unleashing an army of demons.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy For sale 12pp
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The Alien Fighter
Two stranded friends hitch a ride with a stranger who takes a detour into the twilight zone. He wants their help to fight an alien menace and isn't taking no for an answer.
Short Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 13pp
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Boy-Man The Barbarian
His friends kidnapped into slavery, a nerdy teen transformed into a hulking barbarian must join forces with his school bully to save them. Thus begins their journey in a savage world.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy For sale 85pp
The Drug Lord's Babysitter
Kevin is a real bad kid in over his head. This junior drug lord and his butt kicking babysitter team up to find a missing bomb while being pursued by the mob.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 137pp