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Eddie Regory
Beaverton, United States

Hello everyone! I'm so glad to have found this site!

So, here it goes... I'm originally from New York City but consider myself a Portland, Oregon native. I love all movies including the stupid ones (life's too short not to try them) going on long bike rides, animals but especially dogs. I am self-employed and work really hard at everything I start. I'm constantly thinking of ways to make others feel better about themselves, I give where I can, whether it’s my knowledge as a mechanic or a lending ear to anyone who just wants to talk. I'm married to my grade school sweetheart, Hazel for some 28 years now and have a 15-year-old daughter, Eliana. I have a white dog named Blanco and a very cool golden retriever, Charlie who truly never listens to me. LOL.

My first story I ever wrote started when I was eleven-years-old in the hardened streets of NYC and in a neighborhood at that time called, Hell's Kitchen.  I lived a pretty rough life growing up and have seen a lot of pain and suffering over the years. I’ve worked many jobs, endured many losses and have cried a lot. What can I say… any good man with a heart will cry and drive minivans, right? Anyway, even though my life’s journey has been a huge obstacle, as a writer I’ve learned it takes content to write what people must see.  Relatable stories that average folks can look up on that big screen and feel like "yes, finally someone is showing what I feel." I love making people laugh and cry, and writing does this for me.

I really appreciate conversation and doing even the simplest things for fun, like going for a drive with my wife to our old meeting place and stomping grounds in NW Portland, Oregon. Man, there’s no doubt in my mind if any of you who reads this bio decides to visit Oregon, you will love your visit. In the summer the landscapes are absolutely breathtaking, the people here actually say good morning to ya, and you can drink water straight from the faucet because it rains so darn much here. It’s as if you’ve landed in the middle of Mayberry and Andy and Opie will be ready to meet ya at the gates.

I’ve been screenwriting for some time now and have written my memoirs also on Amazon. Screenwriting I feel has now become my first love. Whether I get paid for it or not is not even the question but rather putting out enough emotional content that people can relate to is. This is really all that I’m looking for. And maybe, just maybe if by the Gods of gray skull someone glances at my stuff and likes it, that would be very cool, too.

It has been a long journey for me both in my personal life and as an aspiring writer. But like many others who struggle with life’s challenges, I continue to work hard at my dreams and hope; after all, we all have a story to tell.





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