ELEANOR VENESS | Script Revolution
London, United Kingdom

I am an Award Finalist Screenwriter and freelance Script Consultant based in London, United Kingdom. My TV Pilot Script, ‘Sam: A Teenage Girl’, made the Award Finals for London International Screenwriting Competition and Script Writers Network Screenplay Competition 2020.

I offer creative, humanistic story concepts with the knowledge of script analysis to cut to the core of these concepts and translate them to audience appeal. I write, collaborate and consult scripts to get to the heart of core issues within diverse stories.

My key skills lie in script analysis, script adaptation, script editing, formatting and screenwriting. I am most accessible via Instagram, home of my personal artwork: https://www.instagram.com/evenessart/

For more information about my script business, please visit: https://www.eleanorveness.com/scripts-eleanorveness

I am a graduate of the National Film and Television School and MA Goldsmiths, University of London. I am based in London, United Kingdom.

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