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Elena Lockleis
Los Angeles, United States

I strive to write stories that at the core explore raw human emotion in addition to being entertaining. I want to be part of creating art that talks about subjects people rarely/don't talk about.

Scripts By Elena

Fearing for her own life, a living Sorority Legacy teams up with the most recent dead Sorority Sister to try and break the damaging and sometimes fatal habits of their “squeaky clean” Sorority.
TV Pilot Drama, Mystery For sale 49pp
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Unfolding Temporary: A New Musical
Set in College, two girls unexpectedly begin to fall in love except one is in the midst of planning to end her own life and the other has no idea.
Feature Drama, Musical, Romance For sale 55pp
Exit Here For Security
A closeted high school student wrapped in a straight, church-going household, “L.I.E.S.” her way through a hectic Senior Year as coming out turns from a choice into a necessity. (Let Identity Explain Dysfunction).
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 41pp