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Elisabeth Dubois
Brisbane, Australia

A very creative person with a passion for new adventures. I express myself in three fields of creativity, art, photography and writing.

I have dabbled in poetry but love scriptwriting. I began writing short stories, in my early teens, for fun.

My fave writing genres, shorts and feature lengths, trend towards fantasy, Sci-fi, drama and some supernatural with an occasional comedy twist.

Please enjoy my scripts, as much as I enjoy writing them.

If interested in seeing some of my photography and art, feel free to visit my Red Bubble page.



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Scripts By Elisabeth

The Flant
Only during a solar eclipse, could two types of insects ever contemplate the possibility of their evolution.
Short Animation, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 4pp
Sinful Play
Misfortune reunites twins, separated at birth.
Feature Action, Drama, Family For sale 84pp
Enough is Enough!
The Children, of a poverty stricken widow, are devastated when their Halloween pumpkin is used to make a meal, and decide to somehow get another; certainly, not as easy as they'd thought.
Short Animation, Family, Fantasy For sale 22pp
Halloween in the middle of nowhere
If it looks scary, it is.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 6pp
No more aching feet...A shoe company releases the ultimate footwear.
Short Drama, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 9pp
The Grim Reaperess
It happens every 100 years... What will Susan discover, on her twentieth birthday?
Short Fantasy For sale 10pp
Sexto Sentido
Wanita, a fake clairvoyant, soon learns she is not so fake at all.
Short Drama, Family For sale 5pp
The Sacred Heart
Ever carved your initials on a tree?
Short Drama, Romance For sale 5pp
Zigwart, the leprechaun, shares his crazy dream.
Short Animation, Fantasy For sale 2pp
The Rose Bud
With a longing to be no different than any other woman, Kristy seeks a loving relationship.
Short Drama, Family For sale 5pp