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Elisha Woods professionally know as Elisha "Beatmizer" Woods. Born May 15, 1973 currently know by his stage name Beatmizer, is an American screenwriter, recording engineer, record producer and songwriter. Woods was born in Camden and he grew up in Glassboro, New Jersey. He moved to Williamstown NJ where he finished his schooling and founded his first record label Hit Lab Records in 2000. In 2003 Woods started a new label Invigorator Records, he is professionally known as Beatmizer but known to friends and family members as “E”. Woods is also the Chief Operating Officer of Moonstone Entertainment Inc. Early life Elisha Woods was raised in a public housing project in Glassboro, New Jersey, the son of Nona Elizabeth Council, a Human Service Technician and Medical Assistant and Elisha Woods a fiberglass fabrication worker. He grew up in Glassboro then moved back to Camden the city that he was born for a few years in a part of the city called Pollock town, from there the family moved back to Glassboro to help take care of Elisha’s God mother who was in a car accident that paralyzed his God mother. Woods played Football at Glassboro High school then moved to Williamstown NJ where he graduated in 1992. His childhood friend Gary gave woods the name “Beatmizer” in 1987 because Woods would make so many hot beats with his drum machine and a lot of the local rappers would flock to Woods to make beats for them. Music career In 1987 Woods formed a rap group Symbiosis with and recorded his first song entitled “Flowing” and four other songs. Later that year Symbiosis went up to New York with their manager Antoine who was also Woods older brother. They went to the rap label Sleeping Bag Records; the label's artist roster included hip-hop acts Mantronix, Just-Ice, Nice & Smooth, and EPMD. Symbiosis had a meeting with the label executive Virgil Simms who listened to the group’s demo and offered the group a deal but the label folded while the group was working on negotiating their recording contract. Symbiosis moved on and kept shopping their demo. Symbiosis was the opening act for Kwame & The New Beginning and Han-Solo, the group performed in Philadelphia and all over South Jersey. With no success of obtaining a record deal the group split up and parted ways. In 1989, Woods started DJ and promoting parties with a friend and former member of his rap group Emmanuel “Gucci Money” Brooks, “Gucci” taught Woods how to mix records. The two has plenty of success promoting parties but it was never enough for Woods. In 1990, Woods left music alone and went to work a regular 9 to 5 Job. Establishing Invigorator Records In 1995, Woods had a dream of starting a record label, but he knew that it would take a lot of revenue to get things going so he worked and took on a second full time to raise enough capitol to start his label. In 2004, Woods had the money to start his label, he started Hit Lab Records and signed his first artist Mr. Chief then he signed a female Pop artist Rivy. Elisha had a few problems with the label so he dropped the artists and closed the label. In 2005, Woods formed Invigorator Records and he signed his first and only artist Aaron Kane. Elisha with the aid of his cousin Charles Michel Council as the labels Chief Operating Officer put together a strong grass roots marketing campaign and business plan to promote Aaron Kane. In 2006, Woods released the artists and labels first debut single entitled “Gotta Love”, the single debuted #7. Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 R&B/Hip-Hop single sales. The single sold 300,000 copies bringing in the label a gross income of 1.5 million. Not bad for independent label from New Jersey. In 2007 Woods formed a music production company Hitsquad Musiq LLC and the company procured production placement with two major recording artists. J-Records R&B Recording Artists Jasmine Sullivan and Slip-N-Slide Female Rap Artist Trina, Woods worked at the company for three years and then he left the company for better business endeavors. In 2010 Woods produced and co-wrote a song entitled The Hottest Thing which is the soundtrack for the movie called (Living Will) starring April Scott, Gerard Haitz and the late Ryan Dunn former star of the smash hit MTV Show Jackass. An independent film company named Kphat produced Living Will and Lions Gate Films released it on DVD. In 2011 Woods became the Vice President/Director of A&R of Corporate Ballin Music Group where Woods worked with great upcoming recording artists. Woods has been working hard on procuring a major promotion, marketing and distribution deal for the independent label. In 2012 Woods came close to obtaining a deal with Sony Records in the United Kingdom. In 2013 being an avid fan of movies and having some experience working in the film industry with K-Phat productions Woods decided to start writing screenplays. Woods began writing an epic sci-fi action quadrilogy called the Dragon Chronicles and several other screenplays. In 2014 Woods was an extra in the movie Creed starring Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, and Tessa Thompson.

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Dragon Chronicles: Armayans Fall
Prince Jahin, a brash and impulsive Armayan warrior, journeys to bring his family honor and freedom from the evil galactic warlord, Lord Nakara, who will stop at nothing, to ensure Prince Jahin fails.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 126pp
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