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Thank you for glancing my way. I am not a professional writer, though in my youth I was involved in the music industry and in reviewing bands and gigs - not for any kind of financial recompense - the writing was the reward...plus the free entry to gigs and stacks of promo CDs I ended up with...After that I wrote poetry, purely for my personal pleasure. I tried to write screenplays and stories on many occasions but always found myself floundering in some sort of mental treacle after the first few pages. In 2013 however I lost my mother and nine months later I had completed a Sci-fi epic of 125K words. The few people who read it said they really liked it too, with one literary blogger even granting it 5 stars... I’ve also written a fantasy novella since, before trying to write a romance, because I couldn’t get anywhere with agents or publishers for my Sci-if or fantasy work. I got bored with the romance though, after the first 25k words, my brain was liquefying...I also wrote half a sequel to my original story, which was tremendously more enjoyable. When my day job ran into difficulties and I had to change it, I found that my new job, which is in a Primary School and which is fabulous fun, leaves me so physically exhausted however that novel writing is just currently impossible for me. So I turned to screenplays. I tried writing a Sci fantasy comedy pilot, and I was pleased with the result. My latest endeavour is attempting to adapt my first novel into a series of ten screenplays, which gives me the opportunity to improve on the story, and explore different characters in different ways, which I am enjoying...They're here now, well the first three episodes anyway...enjoy :) 

Cheers my dears

E. Anstis 

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