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Elizabeth Blandford

I came late to the craft of screenwriting, and so only have one fully finished script, which has recently been  submitted to several competitions.  Wish I had found Script Revolution first.

Poster art by William Blandford.  Many thanks!

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Scripts By Elizabeth

The Witter Merchants
In a romp down History Lane, blending fact and fiction, 14 year old horse wrangler, William Rowley, becomes a successful clown/actor and playwright, thanks to his mentors, William Kempe and William Shakespeare.
Feature Adventure, Drama, History For sale 119pp
6 readers love this script
The Witter Merchants excerpt from long version
I had to cut a longer version of The Witter Merchants to fit competition page limit requirements. This montage was one of the casualties.
Short History For sale 5pp
2 readers love this script