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I'm a Brit domiciled in the US. Mum Welsh, Dad Ukrainian. Lapsed catholic despite my convent school education. Have had multifarious jobs, including, "over there" student nursing, milking a herd of Jersey cows, temping, cleaning and modeling for life classes at the Slade. "Over here" I've been a nurse aide, teacher aide, librarian aide, pot-scrubber at Wendy's and secretary for a non-profit.

Latterly, with husband, have cleared a 10 acre plot of stumps and taken on an old wreck of a house making it fit to live in, thereby depriving bats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, bumblebees, ladybugs and big fat flies of their free lodgings.

A foster parent to 6 cats, 3 of whom demand to be petted and 3 who shy from being touched. The 3 purrers include a gentle mummy cat, one of her grown kittens and a big fluffy gentleman cat. The 3 hissers include the bossy she-cat who's food aggressive, a big handsome former street cat terrified of thunder and lightning and the mummy's other grown kitten who's timid, eats little, the exact opposite of her outgoing sister. Fascinating the differences between them all.

I sponsor a Ms Piggy at a farm animal sanctuary and as such eat no meat. Am a contributor to Avaaz and Wikipedia.

In the past we have garnered complaints and criticism for allowing wildflowers, including sunflowers and milkweeds to spread on our property. Interestingly, many of our neighbors now grow sunflowers and milkweeds. But, sadly, it might be too late for the Monarchs though. We had very few caterpillars this year. Only two made it to the chrysalis stage and only one of those emerged. A couple of years back we counted 170 chrysalises in our yard alone.

My scripts tend to be upbeat but that could change. I would like to try my hand at something a bit darker. A slasher perhaps!

This current story was inspired by my experiences of hearing absolutely beautiful symphonic music in my head whenever I traveled in a vehicle. The music was utterly unknown to me. Alas,I couldn't have written it down even if I had been able to recall it since I am musically illiterate.




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Scripts By Elizabeth

The Witter Merchants
Shakespeare and Rowley must plead their case before the King. If they fail, they will hang. "Our accusers bear false wittering against us. But we are the Witter Merchants. We can and must outwitter them."
Feature Adventure, Drama, History For sale 119pp
5 readers love this script
Notes from a Best Kept Village
A reclusive composer must confront his scheming sister and her dishonest friend in order to save his sanctuary and his sanity.
Feature Drama, Family, Music, Romance For sale 109pp
1 reader loves this script
Il Papa's Plight excerpt from Pope for a Day
On the Pope's 84th birthday he gets many surprises. One of them, literally, out of this world
Short Family For sale 13pp
1 reader loves this script
Pope for a Day
The Pope"s birthday mission - was to just bless a new space-plane. Or so he thought!
Short Animation, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 63pp
1 reader loves this script
The Witter Merchants excerpt from long version
I had to cut a longer version of The Witter Merchants to fit competition page limit requirements. This montage was one of the casualties.
Short History For sale 5pp
1 reader loves this script