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 Although I now live in the United States, I've set "Peggy", a tv pilot in the United Kingdom, the country where I was born and grew up.

I'm part Welsh, part Ukrainian. My daughter's father is a Syrian living in Israel. Her husband is from Cairo. My son's in-laws are from Gujarat. My brothers' first wife was from Mauritius. Their daughter's first husband was Greek.  My husband's maternal grandparents were from Sweden. His paternal grandfather was English, his paternal grandmother was French Canadian. What a glorious melting pot! 




Scripts By Elizabeth

The Witter Merchants
Shakespeare and Rowley must plead their case before the King. If they fail, they will hang. "Our accusers bear false wittering against us. But we are the Witter Merchants. We can and must outwitter them."
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, History For sale 119pp
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"The best laid schemes of Mice and Men..." Two bodies, one shot, one electrocuted. One clue.
Short Crime, Film-Noir For sale 6pp
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The Witter Merchants (long version)
In 1598, The Players arm themselves and keep watch as The Theatre is demolished. They expect trouble from the landowner. Shakespeare, however, arms himself with money. For as he says, "money is a good soldier."
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, History For sale 139pp
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IL Papa's Plight
Pope Francis, accompanied by an orphan, a miniature horse and a cat takes an unscheduled flight into space.
Short Family For sale 13pp
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Sunflowers for Pope Francis Short Version
Traditionally, on his birthday, Pope Francis hosts a breakfast for the homeless. He is delighted when a young orphan boy attending the breakfast gives him a bunch of his favorite Sunflowers.
Short Animation, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 63pp
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Trivial Pursuits
Four of the World's most powerful Leaders play hooky, throw off the traces, let their hair down and kick up their heels, but appearances can be deceptive with more than one twist to this tale.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Music For sale 68pp
3 readers love this script
Sunflowers for Pope Francis
Given sunflowers at breakfast time, a flight into space at lunch time and a picnic at an orphanage/animal sanctuary at tea time makes for a jam-packed, whirlwind of a birthday for the Pope.
Feature Family For sale 82pp
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Big Day in L A
Things look up for Troy, a down at heel tour guide, when he earns big bucks taking some VIPs and foreign Heads of State on a madcap adventure in L A.
Short Comedy For sale 54pp
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Notes from a Best Kept Village
A reclusive composer must confront his scheming sister and her dishonest friend in order to save his sanctuary and his sanity.
Feature Drama, Family, Music, Romance For sale 109pp
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Womb Stone - A Stage Play in Four Acts
The heart wants what the heart wants; and Lilian wants a baby, and her friend Yasmina's brother, Amir. Problem is, she's already married to Marcos.
Feature Drama, Family, Romance For sale 92pp
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Iolanthe, The Bag Lady of Bayswater Road
There are many types and meanings of lady. Such as, my old lady; young lady; dragon lady; lady of the night; lady of the house; leading lady; bag lady; Lady Muck or Lady by birth.
Short Drama, Family For sale 28pp
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The Witter Merchants - Winter Sequence. example of work.
Shakespeare and Kempe are actors, aka "Witter Merchants". As Mentors, they teach horse wrangler turned apprentice, 14 year old Rowley, how to clown, act, write plays and sonnets and witter himself out of trouble.
Feature History For sale 5pp
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The Witter Merchants excerpt from long version
I had to cut a longer version of The Witter Merchants to fit competition page limit requirements. This montage was one of the casualties.
Short History For sale 5pp
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A Victorian Christmas Break-In
The tables are turned on a fake Santa intent on stealing the young Fitzroy twins' Xmas presents.
Short Animation, Crime, Family For sale 6pp
1 reader loves this script
Peggy, 17, a Debutante from a privileged background, bucks tradition and takes a job as a stable girl. Thus turning the rags to riches story on its head.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 51pp