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Ellis Barrowman

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Ellis Barrowman
Longmont, United States

A life-long love of movies, a passion for character development, and a long talk with my book editor two years ago, convinced me to make the switch from novel writing to writing screenplays. Today I am a screenwriter, script consultant, and teach screenwriting basics to high school students and senior citizens.

My twitter bio describes me as "Opinionated screenwriter, script consult, film junkie, with filter issues" Yah, that sounds about right!

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Scripts By Ellis

Accidentally in Love
When a meticulous drag club owner falls for a man she assumes is gay, she begins to question the comfort zone she's locked herself in.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 88pp
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Dream a Little Dream
When a chronic insomniac tries a holistic sleep remedy, she accidentally drags her soulmate into her dreams. Will they find each other in real life or are they destined to meet only in her dreams?
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 95pp
Constant Craving
A successful art therapist is unnerved when an old boyfriend moves back to town. When he tries to make things right between them, so many things go wrong.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 81pp