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Ellis Goodson
Oklahoma City, United States

About Me

I was born in 1953 in Claremore, Oklahoma. I went to school in Oklahoma City. I spent class time doodling instead of taking notes, shaping my inevitable college career choice into commercial art. In 1985 I came west to California, making a number of friends sharing figure model costs improving our life drawing. These friends all went on to success as comic artists, animators, fine artists, actors. My own focus became Video Game art with all that discipline involves. I've done animation, concepts, storyboards, character design, level design, 3D modeling. I plan to emphasize storytelling, something I feel I've neglected during my career. My earliest ambition was to be a comic book artist.

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Scripts By Ellis

The Locust Bride
A runaway actress and the gunslinger hired to find her unite in the town of Locust - until a supernatural medicine show arranges her marriage to a monster.
Feature Action, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Western For sale 111pp
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