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Eoin O'Sullivan
Tralee, Ireland

Writer of short film, An Bean Sidhe, winner of Golden Blaster at Octocon, The Irish Science Fiction Film Awards. Co writer of Banshee Awakening with Paul Lynch 

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Scripts By Eoin

The Cure
Royal Raymond Rife, an unorthodox scientist, claims he has discovered the cause for cancer and a novel electronic cure, but gets sabotaged by a corrupt bureaucrat, Morris Fishbein.
Feature Biography, Drama, History For sale 115pp
7 readers love this script
Banshee Awakening
A poor family mysteriously avoids getting sick during The Great Famine in late 1800’s Ireland, leading some village folk to believe that the daughter of the brood, Aisling, is not exactly fully human in spirit.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 102pp
2 readers love this script
When a teenage gang who stalk lone motorists, target the wrong victim, they find out they're the ones being stalked.
Short Horror For sale 14pp
2 readers love this script
An Bean Sidhe
A prankster who torments a village by recreating the sound of a Banshee, they believe to be real, must confront his disbelief in the supernatural when he encounters a mysterious woman.
Short Horror Produced 10pp