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Eren Suzer
Phoenix, United States

I'm Ismail (Eren) Suzer, I go by Eren. I am a Turkish film student at Arizona State University. I have lived in a couple of different places until now which I feel that add to me as cultural knowledge and might be seen through my work. My main goal in this industry was to become a director, however, due to my love for creating stories, I also have great interest to being a screenwriter. I would love to be doing both in my career. The places that I have lived include Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Qatar and now Arizona. I loved every single place, and moving a lot has turned me into a very adaptable person. I am used to interactions with completely different people, from different backgrounds. I enjoy diversity, it was a reason why I choose Arizona State University. Another reason why I picked my University was that it is pretty good at teaching Engineering, which is what I actually started with. However, I soon realized that Engineering would not be able to take the place of my childhood dream to make film, so without wanting to double major, I quickly changed my major to film. That is one of the best decisions which I have made in life. I love what I'm doing and want to continue doing it. When it comes to film, I'm interested in every genre, and I like to watch as much as I can, also write as much as I can. I love storytelling, have always been a storyteller since childhood. I would be read stories by my parents when I was really young, just so that I could stop them halfway and tell THEM how the story proceeds. I like to get a meaning out of everything in life, and I like put that into my work and daily thoughts/actions.


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Ambitious Philo chases his dream to become a filmmaker since childhood, but his strict mother tries everything to push him away from the dream to become a doctor instead.
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