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Eren Suzer
İstanbul, Turkey


I'm Eren Suzer, a Turkish film student at Arizona State University. I did begin my university career with mechanical engineering, but it wasn't so long once I decided to change my major to my childhood dream. I have been dreaming to create films and write stories since I could watch things on TV.

I have lived in Turkey, Egypt, UAE (Dubai), Qatar and Arizona so far in my life, the reason why I moved so much was mainly due to my dad's work, and I came to Arizona for education. I have also visited a couple of more countries, therefore I feel like I have a big cultural knowledge which I show on my work usually.

I love screenwriting, creating stories from scratch is amazing due to the limitless possibilities that a writer can create. Humans are natural storytellers and films are the best way to tell stories, and the stories come from scripts so we have an important responsibility with this power and I recognize this power.

I am also into other aspects of filmmaking such as directing, editing, cinematography, the food we get to eat at the set and of course, producing. Basically I love every aspect of filmmaking. I do want to become a writer director, and make my way into becoming a big producer in the industry.

I am a student with big dreams, and I'm taking the steps towards them!



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