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Eric Christopherson has more than 150,000 copies of his novels in circulation worldwide. His scripts have advanced several times in the Austin Film Festival screenwriting contest and in Zoetrope's annual screenwriting contest. He focuses on thrillers but will write in any genre with an intriguing concept. He was born in California, grew up in New England, and has since lived throughout the United States and a bit in Asia. He now lives in semi-rural Ohio with his wife, Seiko, and their little ones, Keith and Annabel.


Stage 32 - Recommended Writer


Nicholl Fellowship - Top 10%
Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder


Stage 32 - Recommended
Stage 32 - Consider

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Scripts By Eric

In "Blue Heaven," a Rocky Mountain hot spot for police retirees, a half-Native detective must solve the bow and arrow murders of two infamous white cops before her city implodes in racial violence.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 105pp
Stage 32 - Recommended
2 readers love this script
In San Francisco's Chinatown, two young Asian-American brothers get caught up with career criminals in a bold scheme to rob a bank using armed robots.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Thriller For sale 110pp
Nicholl Fellowship - Top 10%
2 readers love this script
A window washer for a Midtown Manhattan office building witnesses a strangulation murder through a window in the early morning hours and becomes trapped on his platform when the murderer determines to murder him too.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 89pp
2 readers love this script
A former hippie awakens from brain surgery with no memories beyond 1969 and clashes outrageously with the 21st century.
Feature Comedy For sale 97pp
Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder
1 reader loves this script
A cop murders in a psychotic state and upon his arrest escapes incarceration to prove his theory that some evil cabal had switched his anti-psychotic meds with dummy pills and turned him into an assassin.
Feature Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 105pp
A homicide detective investigates a white cop's murder, her lead suspect, a black journalist who claims to have framed himself for the murder to expose the racist elements of the U.S. death penalty system.
TV Pilot Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 52pp
Stage 32 - Consider