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Eric Nelson
Parsippany, United States


Eric was born William Eric Nelson in Bergen County NJ. Fourth and youngest child of John, a railroad engineer and Helen an Avon salesperson & homemaker Nelson. John and Helen divorced when "Billy" was 7. After a struggling for a few years to keep the family home, Billy's Mom had to sell their house and move with Billy and big brother Jack to a trailer park in a neighboring town. Brother Jack would soon relocate out of state with their Father leaving Billy alone with his Mother. Angry and confused Billy would land in New York State foster care and was re-branded "Willie" by his Foster Father. At 17 Willie graduated from an upstate NY High School, Monroe Woodbury in 3 ½ years. This would commence his first chapter in adulthood.

With limited options Willie moved to the NJ Meadowlands and began working as a laborer in NYC then as a warehouse worker in Moonachie NJ. Not enjoying this lifestyle and having acquired a taste for the finer things in life, feeling short changed he embarked on a decade long odyssey some would describe as a walk on the wild side. With a burning desire to live the good life, Willie bounced back and forth between New York, Florida and cities in between. Surviving several close calls with nefarious "associates" and run-ins with the law, Willie decided to rebrand himself and enter the legitimate world of business. He would apply for and was frequently hired for business oriented positions found in the Sunday wants ads. Oftentimes these jobs lasted a few days, one at a Computer Learning Center lasted until lunch the first day. If the environment and people seemed like a dead end, staying a minute longer unthinkable! Always seeking a new "role" or challenge, Willie landed in the New York & New Jersey Information Technology Consulting business. Surrounded by college graduates, some with silver spoons, Willie felt intimidated and feared he may not fit in. To offset his lack of "formal" education Willie compensated by working long hours, nights and weekends and reading everything related to his new business and technology career. Success soon followed. Attaining leadership roles, including running a growing Wall Street office and traveling the US to open new markets. Willie learned and honed his skills in business. After 25 years of building profitable firms for others, starting 2 companies of his own from scratch and allowing a corrupt, unscrupulous business partner to violate him, Willie decided to pursue a long dormant desire to act in the TV/Film industry as Eric Nelson.

Within days / weeks of submitting to roles, Eric was cast and placed in feature roles and became SAG qualified in 7 months. He wrote, produced, directed the TV sitcom concept show Swiped© all in his first year. He is a voracious reader, observer of people and lifestyles, fearless and passionate about life. Eric / Willie has lived multiple roles. Part action, drama, crime, thriller, romance, horror, comedy and mystery. Eric is uniquely qualified to take on and capture roles with depth and meaning. 

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