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Esther Kim
London, United Kingdom

Surgeon from Barcelona, emigrated to the UK. I am not in the script writing industry, but I love reading, and I would be happy to read some of your scripts. I am fascinated with time travelling, and I found one of the scripts of this website researching in that direction. I started this form because in the previous page says "everyone's welcome", however, not quite. I consider pedantic and patronising from the Script Revolution admins to judge that someone that finds hard to complete his or her Bio box might not be ready for appreciating the good work that their website holds. Some of the best authors and philosophers took literally a lifetime to found out what made them unique, their own journey and what kind of impact they wanted to make, and this did not made them less relevant. Personally I never found the Bio of an author relevant, because to me, what makes an author unique is his or her ability to imagine unlimited Bios, their imagination, the possibility of living infinite jouneys and their impacts are simply uncountable, because their work will impact in different measure every reader they get to. Coming back to my bio, nothing is truly relevant aside that I love operating first, then doing what I love with people I care about, mainly sailing, rifle shooting, dancing swing music and listening to good jazz jams. If I am not the right kind of reader for Script Revolution yet, it will be just a matter of time I guess.