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Euroy (AKA Roy) Tan

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Euroy (AKA Roy) Tan
Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • “Best Feature Screenplay” at Other Worlds Austin Film Festival 2018
  • ”Best Overall Screenplay” at Other Worlds Austin Film Festival 2018
  • ”Official Selection” at Other Worlds Austin Film Festival 2018
  • ”Official Selection” at Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival 2019

I'm a storyteller, though I'm new as a scriptwriter. All the work I've done up to this point in other professional jobs has always involved a strong element of storytelling. I've had the honor of working in positions that involve interacting with all kinds of people all over the world.

As an early-age migrant from Malaysia to Australia, and having traveled to 100+ cities around the world, I've had the privilege of seeing life through many different vantage points. I've experienced a plethora of cultures, ways of living, dreams, struggles, sorrows, joys, and more. This has given me a unique insight into the universal human emotions, values and traits that we all share on this beautiful earth. It allows me to write character-driven stories that people can connect and empathise with.

I've always been fascinated by storytelling in film format, so I recently made the choice to venture into screenwriting. My style of writing tends to favour Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Action and Thriller genres. I have written a few Horror shorts in Hong Kong, and that's as deep as my catalogue is at this point.

I aim to write scripts that reflect the human condition. I love telling meaningful stories that help people learn or question something about human life. I also love writing material that entertains the socks off any audience!


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