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Evelyne Gauthier
Montréal, Canada

I was born in the Mile-End district of Montreal, before it became a "trendy" neighborhood, and I lived there for 20 years. Since childhood, I have been passionate about books and drawing. I first wanted to become a cartoonist. For all sorts of reasons, my pencil changed its vocation, stopped drawing pictures and focused on words. I even wrote my first novel at the age of 12.
I studied Literature and Languages at Collège de Maisonneuve. At 18, I won the first prize in the inter-college writing marathon at Cégep André-Laurendeau. In 2001, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in French Studies from the University of Montreal (French literature).
I discovered book publishing during an internship. I got a job in a publishing house. I did a lot of things, held several positions and learned a lot of things. I've been (and sometimes still am) an author, a proofreader, a literary coach and a literary director.
I have written about 20 novels, 15 of which have been published, as well as short stories and tales in collective works. I have published books for adults, children and teenagers. I have written chick lit novels, historical novels, dramas, crime stories.
I've always had an interest in film and television writing and decided to get into it this year. I started to take training to improve my knowledge of screenwriting.


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Desperately Looking for the Yellow Bag

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Desperately Looking for the Yellow Bag
Hopelessly stuck in her dead-end job, a young woman finally gets her chance to prove herself, but when she loses the package she was supposed to carry, things get more complicated than she thought.
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After her career is ruined when her publisher is caught in a sex scandal, a children's book author hides her new job for a sex toy company, hoping to get her career back on track.
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In the House
A grieving widow tries to honor her late husband by creating a music school in an old house, but when a vengeful spirit haunts it, she must banish it before it destroys her family.
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