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Fabian Lieb

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Fabian Lieb
Stuttgart, Germany

Since the age of eight, Lieb has been passionate about film and media, and has even back than begun to produce his first animated films with simple means, such as stop-motion short films with kneading and playing figures, as well as short drawn film sequences with his fathers Camera.

He regularly visited film festivals such as the International Trickfilm Festival in Stuttgart to be inspired by the works presented there.

He also took part in workshops and lectures on film at a young age, including at the Lucerne University of Art and Design, the SAE Institute in Stuttgart and the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg.


At the age of twelve, Lieb began to expand his knowledge in film to other departments. He worked intensively on photography, and a little later on the extensive subject area of VFX and SFX and ventured to writing screenplays and short stories, to which he received positive feedback. For this purpose, he also did an electronic distance learning at the „Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt“ with screenwriting as subject from 2016 to the end of 2017.


At the same time as completing his graduation, Lieb applied for an internship at the German company PIXOMONDO specialized in VFX. He received a pledge and, in the autumn of 2016, for the first time the opportunity to gain insights into major international film productions.

This internship was followed by others, including one at the TV studios Leonberg, where he was particularly successful in participating actively in the realization of projects and expanding his technical knowledge.


Since the fall of 2017, Lieb is doing a bachelor's degree in Digital Film Production in Stuttgart with the personal aim of being able to enroll in a film school that teaches how to work with film stock after his graduation, presumably in 2020.

Until then, Lieb is booked for various feature film projects.


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