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Fin is a storytelling enthusiast who has been a popular contributor to several fiction and screenwriting blogs for 8 years or so. Readers often note his skill with humor and plot twists. He also informally coaches other aspiring writers of fiction, and has a good eye for both detail and the overall picture.


Written by: Fin’s [overly-kind] Writing Partner


Disclaimer: The review linked below was heavily edited by staff members at 'Shootin the Shorts' and it's only right that 'they' recieve all the credit for it.  It's totally awesome what they do!  Thanks and everything, but all I can really claim credit for is choosing the script from the pile...:)

Scripts By Fairly

Forever the Fool
Dead-set on 'gettin sum paybacks' for years of childhood abuse, the dimwitted redneck-duo of Jack and Diane suffer Karma's wrath when their scheme goes all to hell.
Short Comedy Available for Free 11pp
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