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Farhan Syed
Mumbai, India


I've been a working screenwriter in Mumbai, India since 2010, having written non-fiction shows for eight Tv channels and some content for the web and for events and stage shows. I also did some work as a script reader and then taught 'Creative Writing' and 'Understanding Cinema' to second year college students. I recently took a break to complete a year and quarter length Screenwriting Program from UCLA Extension. It helped me gain some much needed perspective.

Regarding stories, I do believe that the more personal something is, the more universal it is. And to paraphase the illustrious poet Rumi's quote, "The stories you seek are seeking you to write them." 

As of now, I'm in a phase where I just want to get things made and see them on the screen, regardless of the screen's size. 

I'd be delighted if I can enable viewers and audiences to see and feel things they haven't seen and felt before. Which is like saying I'd like to cure the common cold, but who knows? What are we if not a melangé of blood, bones and yet-to-be-realized dreams?

Lastly, I believe that life has a gym membership and that eventually, it will work out.

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Scripts By Farhan

An Evening At Gerdie's
A couple dining at a highly popular new restaurant are horrified to see all the customers' heads turned sideways and wonder whether or not to stay and investigate.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 14pp
2 readers love this script
To The Airport Please
An American tourist in Jordan encounters an eccentric taxi driver. But he has a few eccentricities of his own.
Short Drama For sale 7pp
The 547,000 Dollar Blowjob
In a church confession, a newly promoted executive reveals how he spent a small fortune in his pursuit of true love. It's not what the Priest expected to hear.
Short Comedy For sale 35pp