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Fausto Adames
Saint Cloud, United States

I am a Dominican writer, journalist, translator, and editor. After studying Journalism and Cinematographic Arts at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), I lived in New York where I began my journalist career collaborating for The Diario/La Prensa. Then back to my native Dominican Republic, I worked for the morning papers El Caribe and Hoy. I also served as Information Advisor for the Ministry of Agriculture of the Dominican Government, and Caribbean Porter Novelli. Besides, I was the Financial Editor of the Revista Mercado. My last work in DR was the general editor of BávaroNews Newspaper. I self-published the novels El Rey de la cocaína y Los vaqueros salvajes. I also wrote the historical essay Rediscovering the Dominican Republic. The New York Monster and the DEA Squad Operation OutXellerator The Hunt for Sacred Bull, are my latest works. Most of my work is unpublished.

Scripts By Fausto

Invisible Danger
Reporter Jairon Vega and scientist Wang Teng confront a bioterrorist network, saving the world from the deadliest threat faced by mankind in the last hundred years
Feature Mystery, Thriller For sale 138pp
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