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Felipe Herrera
Denver, United States

UPDATE 11/30/17: Some of the Scripts I have on here will be deleted. I will only accompany Scripts with A Visual Quality. I will also update my bio very shortly. 


Some people write Scripts to tell Stories. Others write scripts to Show Stories. Very few people understand visual storytelling as much as I do (also known as "The Hypnotic Visionaire"). For every script, good or bad, I try to do something unique. I'm not afraid of failure or ridicule. This might seem bad at first, but I always pride myself in trying to push the boundaries. Most of my scripts are Experience Driven. I use the term "Hypnotic" to describe these sort of scripts because there is no other word that accurately details the feeling you get once you read my scripts. You aren't just watching random images, you're watching an Entranced form of Expression. But I use most of my off-time to read other scripts. I won't name any names but some of the screenwriters on this particular website are terrific. However, my goal as a writer is to always push the envelope. All of my scripts have an Experimental element to them and I plan to keep it that way. I love the screenwriting community, but not too many people take creative risks. I want to use this platform to encourage Original Ideas & Promote New Styles of Writing. Our future should be a Creative Utopia of endless possibilities, not a strict set of rules that hinder artistic expression. So enjoy the scripts below & message if you like what you see. I would like to be in contact with other writers & help each other grow.

Scripts By Felipe

Animated Backstreet Boys
NON EXPERIMENTAL: In this SATIRE on late 90's television shows, the Backstreet Boys are here to save the world through the Power of Pop.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 32pp
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As The Rose Petals Flow
Dealing with the Anxiety of Growing Up In The United States. This Visual Experience is a thesis statement on how American Society can lead to disfunction.
Feature Horror For sale 110pp
Silent Screams
OLDER SCRIPT: The destructive marriage of a man is examined through a single dark flashlight.
Short Drama, Film-Noir, Horror For sale 4pp
OLDER SCRIPT: An Adult steals a young boy away & brings him into a world of disappointing confusion.
Short Drama, Horror, Mystery For sale 3pp