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Felix Ketzler
Berlin, Germany

Welcome to my Bio
I`m a 19 year old Director and i also study a little bit of VFX and DP online. I´ve made a lot of movies on low or no budget, just so I can learn and become better with every movie I make. I´ve met a lot of funny and nice people on my journeythrough the movie making world and the people i cooperated with said i will be someone someday. I hope that´s true
I own a hall big enaugh to fit a boeing 747 in there so i got a lot of room to play with. As well as my own cameras, light, props, costumes and so on. And if we dont have something we need to make your script  a movie we rent or buy it.

If you are interested in cooperating with me just write me a email and i will respond within 24 hours.