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Fiona Faith Ross
Plymouth, United Kingdom

News:  FLAT SQUIRREL the screenplay, wins the Silver Award, Family Film Category, Hollywood Screenplay Contest, 2018. Woo hoo!

FLAT SQUIRREL The Novel, IS OUT!!!  You'll find it in Amazon Books, iStore and the Troubador Book Store (Matador Books), paperback.  The Ebook is on Kindle, iTunes and all online book stores.

I write MG/YA/Coming of Age Fantasy, and Supernatural Thrillers. 

So far completed in 2018,  a blockbuster Rom-Com spec, and a supernatural horror feature.  Currently working on FLAT SQUIRREL 2 and supernatural horror sequel.

Projects completed in 2017 include FLAT SQUIRREL, Animation feature spec script and novel.

In 2016, I wrote GATES OF HADES, a supernatural thriller for an LA-based production company, and award-winning WERETEEN, a Coming-of-age/Fantasy feature.

I did my screenwriting training with Alan Denman initially, then with Jacob Krueger's Write Your Screenplay Studio in NYC (Remote). I regularly join their Pro-Track Mentoring program for project development.

To make a great film you need three things, the script, the script and the script.  

Alfred Hitchcock

Professional Goal I've made 2018 the year I find a manager. Are you starting out, established or getting established? Do you like my work? Please get in touch. A manager's input is one key element that helps a writer improve. If you'd like to give it a shot, so would I.

Artistic Goal I want to write to the best of my ability, to find my limits and reach beyond them. I want to write the best commercial screenplays I can, because I believe "commercial" is one key test of "universal", in that commercial is the acid test of how far your work reaches people and connects with them.

Backstory Formerly an English teacher after leaving the entertainments biz, I've traveled a lot and lived in Spain for ten years, where I got into Spanish cinema. I've been a movie junkie all my life and also like the old Ealing comedies, European and South American cinema, comedy classics and Hollywood greats. Before scriptwriting and fiction, I've done copywriting, web content, corporate and consumer stuff, professional social media, training manuals and online classes and magazine articles. You name it, I've written it. Qualifications: University of Reading (UOR), UK, BSc IT and Open University, Technology.

 Location Based in Totnes (near Exeter), Devon, UK. 

Secret wishes Big hair.

Author blog at

Awards: Original Screenplay Platinum Award, Miami Beach Film Festival, 2018 (WERETEEN)


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Scripts By Fiona Faith

Flat Squirrel
A stranded flying squirrel gets mixed up with junk-food obsessed forest animals who annoy the meanest ever junk-food junkie, and prevent him going home.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 98pp
3 readers love this script
A balding wereteen wins a slot in a music contest, and battles his helicopter parents and a rival band to become a rock star. With hair.
Feature Family, Fantasy For sale 95pp
2 readers love this script