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Fiona Faith Ross
Plymouth, United Kingdom

UPDATED: March 2021

Fiona Faith's work explores themes of family relationships, friendships and misunderstandings, mostly in Dramedy or Supernatural Fantasy genres. She draws extensively on myth and ancient cultures. Her short screenplay Getting Lucky won the Houston Comedy Film Festival Best Romantic Comedy Short Script in Fall 2020. Her feature screenplays, Wereteen and Flat Squirrel, won Best Screenplay Awards at The Florida Comedy Film Festival 2018 and 2020. She was privileged to participate in The Hollywood Field Trip in April 2019 to meet executives of production companies and literary agencies. She's also published in the Twisted50 newest anthology, Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas. (Amazon).

Right, that's the third person stuff out of the way. My first Supernatural Thriller, Calypso, is posted. (Script by request). My second will be up later this year. I'm also working on a TV concept (Satire), my female-led Dystopian story, and developing my story-telling skills.


TOMB OF THE RUBY HEART, my newest story, is up on Amazon Kindle as a novella, for pre-order. Your support is appreciated more than you know. It's a supernatural & ghost horror story in an ancient Egyptian tomb. We write the stories we want to see and experience. 

Scripts added this quarter include TWIN FLAMES, a fantasy ghost rom-com feature, and CALYPSO, a supernatural thriller feature.

Seeking representation.

Liked reading my stories? Please show your appreciation by 'favoriting' them (the red heart underneath the Download Bar). Your support really helps, and thank you.


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Scripts By Fiona Faith

Flat Squirrel
A stranded but determined flying squirrel gets mixed up with junk-food obsessed forest animals who annoy the meanest ever junk-food junkie, and prevent him going home.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 99pp
9 readers love this script
A balding wereteen wins a slot in a music contest, and battles his helicopter parents and a rival band to become a rock star. With hair.
Feature Family, Fantasy For sale 98pp
6 readers love this script
Mr Singh's Christmas Spirit
A small grocer's business and self-esteem hang on winning a media-sponsored Christmas window competition, but he must battle a filthy old busker who refuses to leave, before the TV crew arrives.
Short Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 11pp
5 readers love this script
Power Cut
When she crashes her car at night in an isolated forest, a feisty young woman wants to be towed out pronto, but a creepy stranger won't let her seek help.
Short Horror For sale 11pp
2 readers love this script
Getting Lucky
An unemployed actor hopes his 'superhero' acting role will change his luck.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 5pp
2 readers love this script
King Of The World
In the year 1490 on the Medieval Silk Road, a jobsworth customs official clashes with a very important cleric who wants to cross the mountain border pass without paperwork.
Short Comedy, Fantasy For sale 5pp
2 readers love this script
Elephant In The Room
Why is there an elephant in the motel room? Two housekeepers must find out before the bitch boss discovers it, or lose their jobs.
Short Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 13pp
2 readers love this script
A bereaved young American woman travels to 'the old country' to connect with her last remaining family, an aunt she's never met who believes herself to be the immortal sea-goddess, Calypso.
Feature Action, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 85pp
1 reader loves this script
Twin Flames
When a hot young American Egyptologist finds her tomb, the spirit of a spoiled teen princess infuriates gods and mortals big time by inhabiting his photographer girlfriend in order to steal him away.
Feature Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance For sale 100pp
1 reader loves this script
When his lover issues an ultimatum, a henpecked man infuriates his tyrannical wife not only by coming down with flu but also by asking for a divorce and upsetting her sacrosanct roast-turkey Christmas.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 8pp
1 reader loves this script