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Fiona Faith Ross
Southampton, United Kingdom

UPDATED: October 2022

Fiona Faith's work explores themes of family relationships, friendships and misunderstandings in Supernatural Fantasy, Comedy and Romance genres. She draws extensively on myth and ancient cultures.

My Scripts

Mr Singh's Christmas Spirit placed as an Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder 2022, and won Finalist in Mikel Fair's Austin Comedy Film Festival, Spring 2022.

Roasted landed Semi-Finalist in Killer Shorts, 2022

Calypso placed in the QFs of The Script Lab 2022 (9000 entries) and won The Pinnacle Film Awards (LA) May/June 2021 season, for Best Feature Script.

Tomb of the Ruby Heart placed as Finalist in Oregon Screams Horror Film Festival 2022.

Her short screenplay Getting Lucky won the Houston Comedy Film Festival Best Romantic Comedy Short Script in Fall 2020.

Her feature screenplays Wereteen and Flat Squirrel won Best Screenplay Awards at The Florida Comedy Film Festival 2018 and 2020.

She was privileged to participate in The Hollywood Field Trip in April 2019 to meet executives of production companies and literary agencies. She also writes Supernatural Horror and is published in the Twisted50 newest anthology, Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas. (Amazon).


Working on...


Ghost Mystery, contained feature

Joint Project with co-writer


Renewal: Dark Forest Dryad Book 2: Supernatural Urban Dark Fantasy

Resurgence: Dark Forest Dryad Book 3: Supernatural Urban Dark Fantasy


Twin Flames: Revised script (page one rewrite), new poster.


My fiction (on Amazon)

Twin Flames, novel, Paranormal Romance, Body-Swap, Amazon #kindle & PB, published 23 August

Destruction: Dark Forest Dryad Book 1 Supernatural Urban Dark Fantasy, Amazon #kindle & PB. Script coming soon.

Tomb of the Ruby Heart, Supernatural Indy Jones type action adventure in an ancient Egyptian tomb. Amazon #kindle & PB

Seeking representation.

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Personal Skills

Languages: Spanish

I.T. Skills: HTML, Final Draft, MS Word, Kindle Direct Publishing (Epub and Paperback), WordPress, MS Office.

Web & General Skills: Experienced SEO copywriter B2B B2C Consumer, book blurbs, synopses, loglines & tag lines, blogging, articles, script & fiction writing, editing & proof-reading, script-reading.

Interests, Cinema, Travel, Music, History & Ancient Cultures, Literature, Art, Museums, Tech, Romance Languages and their evolution.

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Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25% for
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25% for
Mr Singh's Christmas Spirit
Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder for
Mr Singh's Christmas Spirit
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25% for

Scripts By Fiona Faith

Clear Win
A young man and a young woman battle over the last bottle of vodka. Pride is at stake on both sides, but is there a greater win to be had?
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 4pp
15 readers love this script
Read Review by J.B. Storey
Getting Lucky
An unemployed actor hopes his 'superhero' acting role will change his luck.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 5pp
12 readers love this script
Flat Squirrel
A fearless flying squirrel on a quest for beechnuts for his ungrateful tribe, gets mixed up with snack-obsessed forest animals who annoy the meanest ever junk-food junkie, and prevent him going home.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 99pp
10 readers love this script
A balding wereteen wins a slot in a music contest, and battles his helicopter parents and a rival punk band to become a rock star. With hair.
Feature Family, Fantasy For sale 98pp
6 readers love this script
Power Cut
When she crashes her car at night in an isolated forest, a feisty young woman wants to be towed out pronto, but a creepy stranger won't let her seek help.
Short Horror For sale 11pp
6 readers love this script
Mr Singh's Christmas Spirit
A small grocer's business hangs on winning a media-sponsored Christmas window competition, but he must get a filthy homeless street musician to leave before the TV crew arrives.
Short Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 12pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
5 readers love this script
"Footie" Night
A young woman in a controlling relationship rebels when her partner pushes her too far.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 3pp
5 readers love this script
After a disabled little girl launches a battle of wills against her dad to buy her a puppy, which he absolutely refuses, circumstances allow them to compromise.
Short Drama, Family Available for Free 3pp
5 readers love this script
An orphaned young American woman suppresses her fear of open water and travels to the 'old country' to connect with her last remaining family and is drawn into the superstitions of Calypso's island.
Feature Action, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 96pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
3 readers love this script