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Fiona Faith Ross 12 Apr 2017 5

"Finished", a term that finds a clear definition in a dictionary but feels pretty damn ambiguous in the world of screenwriting. Where is the finish line? Does such a thing exist or does the old adage "the final draft is the one that's shot" always hold true? On top of all this, just when should we leave well alone, trust our gut, and stop adding salt and sugar to different reader's tastes? In this blog, Fiona Faith Ross tackles these questions and tries desperately to help us maintain some sanity - CJ

Fiona Faith Ross 15 Mar 2017 2

It's March and, while spring may have just sprung for many of us, you may already be feeling a little exhausted approaching mere twenty five percent into the year. Perhaps there's a little voice in your head encouraging you to give up now. That's not unusual and you may feel the need to give that thought serious consideration. If you do though, you must read through this blog by Fiona Faith Ross first and take in what she has to say because it might just give you the direction and motivation you need to continue on your journey - CJ