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Fiona Faith Ross
Plymouth, United Kingdom

UPDATED: March 2021

Fiona Faith's work explores themes of family relationships, friendships and misunderstandings, mostly in Dramedy or Supernatural Fantasy genres. She draws extensively on myth and ancient cultures. Her short screenplay Getting Lucky won the Houston Comedy Film Festival Best Romantic Comedy Short Script in Fall 2020. Her feature screenplays, Wereteen and Flat Squirrel, won Best Screenplay Awards at The Florida Comedy Film Festival 2018 and 2020. She was privileged to participate in The Hollywood Field Trip in April 2019 to meet executives of production companies and literary agencies. She's also published in the Twisted50 newest anthology, Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas. (Amazon).

Right, that's the third person stuff out of the way. My first Supernatural Thriller, Calypso, is posted. (Script by request). My second will be up later this year. I'm also working on a TV concept (Satire), my female-led Dystopian story, and developing my story-telling skills.


TOMB OF THE RUBY HEART, my newest story, is up on Amazon Kindle as a novella, for pre-order. Your support is appreciated more than you know. It's a supernatural & ghost horror story in an ancient Egyptian tomb. We write the stories we want to see and experience. 

Scripts added this quarter include TWIN FLAMES, a fantasy ghost rom-com feature, and CALYPSO, a supernatural thriller feature.

Seeking representation.

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Scripts By Fiona Faith

Frogspawn Manor
He's the money man, she's the class. It should be the perfect combination to showcase the lifestyle and glamour of Frogspawn Manor.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 15pp
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Clear Win
A young man and a young woman battle over the last bottle of vodka. Pride is at stake on both sides, but is there a greater win to be had?
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 4pp
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Turf Wars
An elderly widower and a school drop-out fight over the man's lawn only to find comfort and companionship in an unexpected way.
Short Comedy Available for Free 4pp
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After a disabled little girl launches a battle of wills against her dad to buy her a puppy, which he absolutely refuses, circumstances allow them to compromise.
Short Drama, Family Available for Free 3pp
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"Footie" Night
A young woman in a controlling relationship rebels when her partner pushes her too far.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 3pp
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Lock The Door
When intruders threaten their lives, a mother and son argue how to defend themselves, until circumstances force them to fight for survival.
Short Crime, Drama, Mystery Available for Free 3pp
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Pit Stop
A flying saucer carrying a school football team home, makes an unscheduled pit stop on Planet Earth, but their landing spot is not what they think it is.
Short Animation Available for Free 4pp
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Spaced Out
When two women compete for the last space in the grocery store car park, the peculiar madness that grips humans behind the wheel escalates into a full territorial battle.
Short Comedy Available for Free 3pp
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