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Florenc Zerellari
Tirana, Albania

Florenc Zerellari is a writer with 7 years of experience, based in Albania, working with some of the biggest TV productions of recent years. In August 2021, he was selected in Sarajevo Talents Script Station, and in September 2021, his feature film screenplay "30 Extra Lives" made it into the Nicholl Fellowship Academy semi-finals. When he's not writing, he takes long walks, draws or listens to Marquee Moon on repeat.


Coverfly All-time Overall Top 10% for
30 Extra Lives
Nicholl Fellowship - Semi-Finalist for
30 Extra Lives

Scripts By Florenc

After refusing to take revenge on his sister's pimp, a philosophy teacher is under attack from his family, who try to change his mind with violence.
Feature Thriller For sale 96pp
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30 Extra Lives
Two friends (11) want to play Nintendo one last time before parting ways. During their search for a second controller they deal with an ex-Russian spy and solve the mystery of the screaming bald woman.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 94pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 10%
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