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Frank S. Larry
Hollywood, United States

I am a gonzo writer. I write every day. I am an alien robot hatched from an egg. I crawled into the vessel which is my mother & became & fetus forming into a human hybrid prophet. I can run up to 50 miles an hour & fly above ground for something like a hundred yards. I do this when no one is watching for obvious reasons. People freak out. My romantic partners all understand I am very suspicious in that way. Silliness aside I am tired of bios & abbreviations. I have had a rough life. I'm a starving artist & I'm signed up on black list. I'm hoping to start throwing my pilots on here. I'm a renaissance dude or whatever. I sing I play music I do impersonations I skip using commas,at times, I write, songs, &, poetry, I shred licks on the guitar. I writeth in Shakespearean stylings. I love punk rock. Everything I do & learn is like a jagged crystal I am taking like an eagle back to my nest of punk rock always. I love all kinds of music but something about punk just feels capital. I dance I'm an actor thespian of the theatre. I like to paint ,sometimes I paint toe nails for free,put the little cotton balls between the toesies,I enjoy saying inappropriate things to kick start conversations then stepping away from them & letting the people talk. Then when the conversation seems to be dying down I like to say something & start a new topic. I have strange hobbies. I have a dream to finally have a home that isn't moving around. Maybe own a pet animal of some kind.


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Scripts By Frank S.

Feature Adventure, Biography, Comedy, Drama, Sport For sale 11pp
An aged Austrian General & Weaponsmith loses a battle due to his commanding officer's drunken mistake and caravans his family away from their home to avoid treason.
Feature Western For sale 141pp
Shakespeare's Delight
A television show in the key of a Shakespearean play. Each season is two plays. The dialogue ranges from Shakespearean to modern vulgar. The period is medieval times. The language is a Shakespearean homage/parody.
TV Pilot Romance For sale 37pp
Halloween Vacation
Clark & Ellen separate over an affair Clark has with the neighbor's wife.Ellen moves in with the misteress' husband across the street.Rusty & Debbie take a vacation in hopes to reunite them during Halloween.
Feature Comedy For sale 202pp
Ghostbusters Chicago
After containment grids which were designed to slow paranormal activity on earth begin malfunctioning,The Ghostbusters are requested to explain & take charge of the repair.
TV Pilot Sci-Fi For sale 24pp
The Presleys Of Tearstone
Two adopted brothers outlandishly become vigilantes driving a brand new souped-up dodge charger painted black.The villains are a multitude of personified vulgarities & the women are scantily clad southern belles.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery For sale 58pp