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Fred Leavitt

I received my Ph. D. degree in psychopharmacology from the University of Michigan and did postdoctoral work at UC Berkeley. I served on the faculty at California State University, East Bay, California for 43 years and also have taught for one or more semesters at Williams College; Northern Arizona University; the University of British Columbia; the University of Hawaii; the United States International University (in both Kenya and the United Kingdom); the University of Utrecht (Netherlands); Bogazici University (in Turkey); Massey University (in New Zealand); and National University of Singapore (Singapore).

My goal in studying psychology was to try to make sense of the world and my place in it. My first script reflects that interest. I was excited every time I got back to it, eager to see what I had to say.

In 1964 I married Diane Bright. We live in Oakland, California, and have two married daughters and two grandchildren.

Selected Writings

                       Leavitt, F. (2015) Dancing with Absurdity: Your Most Cherished Beliefs (and all your  others) are Probably Wrong.

                      Leavitt, J. & Leavitt, F. (2011) Improving Medical Outcomes: The Psychology of Doctor/Patient Visits. (Rowman &              Littlefield)

Leavitt, F. (2009) Key Concepts in Medical and Behavioral Research. (Jain Publishing Company)

Leavitt, F. (2003) The REAL Drug Abusers. (Rowman & Littlefield)

Leavitt, F. (2003) Evaluating Scientific Research: Separating Fact from Fiction. (Waveland Press)

Leavitt, F. (2000) "Does ‘survival of the fittest’ in evolutionary thinking entail a tautology?" Philosophy Now. Fall, 9. 37.

Leavitt, F. (1997) "Resolving Hempel’s raven paradox." Philosophy Now, Winter, p. 31.

Leavitt, F. (1995) Drugs and Behavior, third edition. (Sage Publications)


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Scripts By Fred

Only One Perfect Murder
A terminally ill detective, convinced that the wrong man has been convicted of murder, commits suicide in the real killer's house and makes it look like murder.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 97pp
The Billion Dollar Search:
A young man learns that he has an identical twin and, if he finds him within a year, will inherit a billion dollars that will otherwise go to projects to help the homeless.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Drama For sale 91pp
The Billionaire’s Game
A group of wealthy men play a game. They pick random targets, and each tries to get the target to do a different idiotic thing.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama For sale 119pp