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Gaëlle Graton
Montréal, Canada

After two years of BA studies in Sociology at Concordia University, I moved into Film Production at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in order to truly go after my filmmaking dreams. Through the process of defining my artistic and creative process, I increasingly get in tune with my desire to pursue a deep exploration of socio-realistic truths and emotions. My studies have enabled me to develop a sensitivity and a critical eye on the representation of marginalized people.

In 2019, I started developing a dystopian short film Papiers Tournesol [Litmus Papers] on the water crisis in a Northern village of Quebec. I am also developing a second short film; a period-drama called L'incident se répète [The Repeated Incident], an adaption of a poetry book from Geneviève Blais. In 2020, I wrote my passion project being a feature film screenplay titled The Dotted Line. I am therefore looking for vehicles to connect with fellow writers and producers. I want to find the right production company to continue the journey with. I am all about immersive stories as gritty as they are lyrical and unapologetic  female-lead characters. I aspire to be a humane and fearless storyteller in a day and age where art needs empathy more than anything.

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As an author and essayist, I have collaborated in several books alongside many feminists authors and writers from the Province of Quebec. 

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