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Born in southern California but raised in Texas, Gabrielle was writing poetry by the fifth grade. In high school her teachers were encouraging her to consider a writing career, but life had other plans. In 1992 she earned her MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University. Several years later she came to accept that she had to leave a career in social work after becoming disabled from a neurodegenerative disorder. Gabrielle began to write while being a stay-at-home mom with young children to raise. It took her nearly three years to finish her trilogy, The Illyrian Chronicles, during which time she and her family moved from Virginia to Oregon.

It was in Eugene in 2010 that she was fortunate enough to receive editing and critique from a protege of the late Ken Kesey, Bennett Huffman, PhD. Sadly, not long after he wrote her a glowing reference and had agreed to help her convert the novels to screenplays, Bennett died unexpectedly. Still feeling encouraged by his praise for The Illyrian Chronicles, she self-published with Amazon and immediately began to garner great reviews from a broad audience, just as Bennett Huffman had predicted.

However, improvements in her health, along with family circumstances, had made it necessary for her to return to her demanding social work career as a Qualified Mental Health Practitioner working for a non-profit until last year. Now, in response to fans who have continued to ask her for more of the story, she and her husband agreed that 2020 would be a year exclusively devoted to promoting her novels. And what a year it is turning out to be!

During the lockdown, Gabrielle has returned to writing and has converted the screenplay of Alliance into the long sought-after fourth novel she had always intended it to be. With full support and encouragement from her fans, she intends to make new connections in the writing world to sell her books and explore film options.

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