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Garrett Amerson

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Garrett Amerson
Olympia, United States

I attended film school in 2008 to broadly study filmmaking. However, after graduation, I quickly realized my passions weren't as focused on the production side of the business, but instead trained toward the genesis of where a story happens. Since then, I've spent a lot of frustrating years learning what works and what doesn't. While learning never ceases in this craft, I can happily say I am well on my way to writing material that satisfies me personally as well as others who have, and will, read it!


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Scripts By Garrett

The Third Form
A gifted hockey player, enrolled in an all-boys boarding school, dreams of winning a career-promoting scholarship until a tragic on-ice injury leads to a life shattering reality: he’s biologically female.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 62pp
A high schooler with a severe sleepwalking disorder finds himself inexplicably linked to mysterious suicides among honor students.
Feature Horror For sale 101pp