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Gary Howell

I'm an attorney by trade, but a writer at heart. I have written several shorts, and I am currently involved with a feature that I have worked on the past year that is now in development, with an Australian director at the helm. I also have a short film produced, "Country Road 12" that stars Dee Wallace ("E.T.", "Poltergeist").

I have also co-written one dramedy, "The Journeyers", that was just optioned with Josh Monkarsh of Traffic City Productions, and is in development. I have one drama pilot, "Bounty," about a Texas bounty hunter, and a second comedy pilot, "Striking Out," about a struggling L.A. actor who has to come home to small town Texas and run his grandfather's bowling alley. I'm finishing up a comedy about nerds who run roughshod over a high school which should be completed soon.

I enjoy writing both comedy and drama, and tend to lean towards indie-themed pieces that are character driven. I enjoy the works of Vince Gilligan ("Breaking Bad") and Graham Yost ("Justified"), and while I'm not subconsciously emulating their work, I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if my scripts were favorably compared to theirs.

I enjoy reviewing scripts and providing advice and constructive criticism to other writers, and would welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with any producers/directors looking to work with me on any type of project.


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