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Gary Piazza
Vancouver, United States

Gary Piazza is an award winning screenwriter, filmmaker and photographer residing in the Pacific Northwest. He began writing and shooting videos in high school back in the 80's and never looked back. After serving in the Navy, Gary enrolled in the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute by Donna Lee and graduated with honors.

It wasn't long before he wrote a sequel to John Carpenter's, "The Thing" and sent it off to ICM where they responded with interest in the script. It was that interest that landed him an agent, Gaily Vollmer with Trans International Productions. Like many projects and successes, however, this one never made it and Trans International closed their doors soon after. It was only a matter of months before Gary found his second agent in Venice Beach, CA. Suzanne Moore, with Miller-Moore Talent. The relationship was golden and they began collaboration on a story entitled, "Sunny." The story of a teen boy who kills his abusive father and escapes across country, pursued by a sympathetic cop. Sunny made it to Barbara Fisher at Universal and she gave it six pages of coverage and stamped it "recommended." Things were moving and the team looked to be involved in the early stages of an option agreement...then the tides changed. Barbara Fisher left Universal and the project went into the dark abyss. Then, as fate would have it, Suzanne's partner wanted to close the agency and start a horse farm.

Gary continued to write and began work on, "Breakaway Heart." A Vietnamese refugee story that his friends and colleagues contributed to with their own life experiences. At the same time, he decided to focus more on family and photography and his desire to make a documentary film. With an interested in off-road dirt bike racing, Gary decided to make a "filmumentary" based on a race in the Northwest called, "Pinning The Ridge."  It's a filmumentary about a grueling 24 hour race that takes place in Goldendale, Washington. The film was a success with the locals and many abroad. The straight to DVD path was perfect for this tidy little film shot with two cameras and edited and shot by Gary himself.

With a passion for film and writing still keeping him motivated, Gary decided to focus on obtaining representation once again. He finished a script about a girl ghost who returns home to adopt living parents so she can have the family she always dreamed of. Right out of the gate it received recognition from Stage 32 as a finalist in their script competition and it has received positive coverage from various festivals. "Breakaway Heart" continues to thrive and has won the Hollywood Blvd film festival and LA Underground film festival. It has received 8's on the Blacklist for it's professional writing and poignant story. Recent development notes from Brad Wilson with Higher Purpose Entertainment, called Breakaway Heart an important story that needs to be told. Very professional and the characters jump off the pages. A double recommend. Gary continues to write, shoot and embark on adventures to fuel his creative side.


Stage 32 - Recommended Writer


Stage 32 Feature Drama - Finalist
(Breakaway Heart)


Stage 32 - Consider
Stage 32 - Recommended
(Breakaway Heart)

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Scripts By Gary

Breakaway Heart
A Vietnamese refugee barely escapes Vietnam after the fall of Saigon and embarks on a life-long journey to find her father and rebuild her family. Her story is one of hope and survival.
Feature History For sale 114pp
Stage 32 - Recommended
Stage 32 Feature Drama - Finalist
10 readers love this script
Red Scarlett
The last of the vampires recruits an unsuspecting hero and together they instill vigilante justice against an untouchable sex/human trafficking ring.
Feature Action, Drama, Horror For sale 111pp
3 readers love this script
A Secret Journey
Three misfit government brats steel away aboard a time-traveling UFO and end up 65 million years in the past with its owner who must help them escape before a world-ending meteor hits the Earth.
Feature Action, Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi For sale 113pp
3 readers love this script
Tormented by her dead father, a child ghost tries desperately to adopt an unwilling couple so she can have the loving family she always dreamed of.
Feature Drama, Family, Horror, Thriller For sale 111pp
Stage 32 - Consider
3 readers love this script
Dig Me No Grave
An aging hunter tangles with a bear and traps himself underneath its body for days before being found on death’s doorstep by a vengeful sociopath who terrorizes him in a remote cabin.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller In development 82pp
4 readers love this script