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Gary Stark
Brisbane, Australia

Wanted: A Scriptwriter.

I am an author who thought he could write scripts. And I was wrong. However, I have been wrong before so will proceed unashamed (but a little smarter).

Unsurprisingly, and predictably, I believe my novel would appeal visually, but herein lies the difficulty - I am currently learning to carve large wooden animals with a chainsaw (true story). This consumes much time, as does any craft done well.

So I have a landscape sketch (the book) but no artist (the scriptwriter) to supply the colour. And if you need some raw material, just tell me, and I will send you the book for free.

Even if you think it's rubbish and throw it in the bin, at least the price is right . . .


This is my story: Jake is the child of an abusive domestic circumstance - mental, physical, and emotional. He is segregated, isolated, and shunned by a judgemental society - a loner alone, in every sense. His shadow, Lucy, is his only friend. He trusts her with his sanity, his soul, and finally, his mortality. She offers eternal life. Then names her price. In the ageless question, what would you willingly forfeit to live forever?


And as told by Jake: My shadow has a name and her name is Lucille. She is my Poet, Priestess, Lover, and Muse. Her beauty surpasses the eyes of the beholder, then rips them out. Her intellect knows more than she doesn’t, then renders you ignorant. Her bravery is unflinching, her loyalty unwavering, and her undying love often fatal. Some have met her, standing on the edge of existence – loaded needle in one hand, loaded gun in the other. Nothing to lose, or so they believe, they chance one more gamble on the loaded dice.  And lose.

Trust me when I confess: I gambled on her snake eyes. And lost. Now I wish to warn others, as I possess nothing left to do but my time. You may think yourself intimate, or think you know her name. Allow me: she sure as fuck knows yours. It’s written in her book, and one day you’ll hear it in her mouth. And you’ll know that judgement day has arrived and it's your turn to stand and deliver.

I’ll still be here, waiting. Forever, in eternal immortality.

Wanna join me?


Thank you to anyone who's made it this far, and if you or an acquaintance have any further interest, please let me know.

And with that said, I do believe I have taken enough of your time.

Cheers from Australia,

Gary Stark.

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