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Gen Vardo
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

I was that kid who never played with toys. I simply set them up around my room and sat for hours on end enjoying the stories that poured out of my head.

A couple of years ago my stories began to pour out into screenplay format. An addiction I will never let go of.

I figured every story idea that poured out of someone, as it always does with me, cames out between 95 and 115 pages, because movies are so driven into us that it's just a natural reflex. I was happy to learn otherwise, and very happy to receive all the other complements I've been given from fellow writers on my storytelling abilities.

Though each feature I've written, so far, comes to an exiting conclusion, I couldn't help them being a series in the sense that they're set in and around the same town (LA, the colourful essence at the forefront), with some characters reappearing, as well as sub/sub-sub plot information coming through, feature to feature, just as it has always occurred in my mind growing up.

And growing up, the underdog story, as it was for us all, resonated deep with me; and has never let go.

Times have changed and the way I see the underdog story manifest itself in my stories and the world around me, has certainly changed.

My fragile brave characters, finding themselves at rock bottom, somehow have the strength to raise themselves back up.

The problem that they and the people around them face, is when you pick yourself up from rock bottom in this town, you may unknowingly not find yourself as you were before.

As controversial as they may seem from their individual synopsis, these original and unconventional concept driven stories give hope and entertainment in a mysterious and comical way, to areas of life I believe we have overlooked.

I have written, story boarded, directed, acted, modelled and animated 3D characters and environments for commercial, solo, and university film projects, and am looking to move to Los Angeles and continue there.

Scripts By Gen

A Bad Cold
Buried in debt, a broken man learns of the time a famous thief will break into his home and auctions off the experience of a legal killing, unaware of the graphic devastation that lies ahead.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 103pp
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Baby Steps
While using creative social interactions to cure his anxiety disorder, a man witnesses an attempted assassination, which he has to now complete himself, in order to survive the killer.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 103pp
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Pop Scene
A young man with a fresh, distinctive way of looking at life, is forced to help an unconventional theatre group find their way into Hollywood, in a uniquely criminal way, while hiding a fatal secret.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller For sale 117pp
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Box Bedroom Rebel
Two teenagers desperate to make it into Hollywood have been devising ingeniously creative, entertaining ways of getting their career started, though this latest adventure may be more than they can handle.
Feature Adventure For sale 112pp