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 A former  Registered Investment Advisor, Registered Representative (Series 6, 63, 26), Templeton Funds and back office employee in the Cash Management Dept., Prudential Insurance (Treasurer's Staff); I had a varied career in investment vehicles; nourished by a mother who spent thirty years as a broker, the last ten with Morgan Stanley. My post- graduate studies and voracious appetite for financial publications over the years have fueled my understanding of the macroeconomic process in this post-Communist, decentralized global economy. And fostered my desire to write about same and influence investors.

On the micro level, my passion for technical analysis in measuring investment choices led to two mentions of my work in the mid-1990's on CNBC by Ron Insana and John Murphy. Also, my caricature appeared in a June 1996 issue of Barron's Financial Weekly. In 2011, I finished in the top 5% of the CNBC Trading contest.

Founding Patton Capital Management we provided wealth management for endowments and institutions, investment advice and portfolio analysis.  Most people think that just because they own several mutual funds they are diversified.  This is not necessarily so! THEN I HAD A MID LIFE CRISIS! After prediciting a financial crisis the likes of the Great Depression in my novel and finding few listerers: Subsequently witnessing the corruption throught the system, both within and without: I sought to reach others through analogy. This is when my great uncle [dead 72 years] reached out to me from beyond to implore me to tell his tale. 

Also providing a link to my radio interview (a smashing success) and TV interview: -TV ON MY NOVEL BLACK JACK -A DRAMA OF MAGIC -

Finished a play in 2012, "Eva - A Magical Musical", an adaptation from my novel Black Jack A Drama of Magic -(Amazon).

Currently pitching BLACK MAGICK MAN a trilogy, with the potential for spinoff. My great uncle Black Herman was, IS, the quintessential dark and mysterious magician that all since have been patterned after. Current Pitch Letter attached:   


I am  sending this pitch letter after the success of Joker. You see it is still possible to make a blockbuster from a mid-sized budget. I will be at the American Film Market this November, hoping to meet with and discuss a deal for my Black Magick Man. If only we can get Mahershala Ali. 

 I am happy to share some of the details of my project with you; hoping that you can find space for it among your portfolio of films. Where to begin: You can imagine my sense of deja vu as I'm writing a novella sequel to The Shining [ B&B in Maine] that one afternoon after finishing writing for the day, while relaxing the phrase ...'WE have lions, tigers, and legerdemain." came into my head. My editor called me after checking the word for context and exclaimed "...all this information suddenly came up on the bottom of my page about a magician who died on the road in 1934." I was shocked, called the family historian and she said matter-of-factly; that's him. His famous book cover, where he is standing with a foot on a globe, from his book on magic 1925 - Secrets of Magic, Mystery, and Legerdemain.

I have two ways to approach this: 1) is the tortured love story, as per my novel, young woman pulled from the audience, taught to be a star (Pygmalionesque) becomes the mistress, the second wife of the titular head of the Harlem Renaissance circa 1920's. This novel review may be illuminative: "effectively conveys the mentality of the time, with prohibition, big name gangsters, and the threat of national economic collapse looming in the background. Ultimately, also serves as a testament to the power of the human spirit, as readers may be struck not only by what Eva endures, but by how she endures it."  

                         PREFERRED                          2) Black Herman as magical superhero - I believe this man, my great uncle, has been the template for every Magical Magician or Mentalist from Chandu (1931) thru Dr Strange (2016) with Lord Blackwood  (Mark Strong, Sherlock Holmes) and Orson Wells:  -thrown in for good measure. Ishmael Reed featured Black Herman in his breakout novel Mumbo Jumbo (1971). I foresee a tent pole project [first script completed] with second and third waiting in the wings. Comic book prototype leads with climatic scene from third film (on my FB page).  Black Magick Man -  is the story of the unspoken power behind the Harlem Renaissance, fearsome anti-hero, confidant to Marcus Garvey, [see my attachment from parade in 1924] and so much more. Netflix has picked up the Madam CJ Walker story - thing is She sold a line of cosmetics under His brand. is his fantastical tale: the Master Magician of the Harlem Renaissance, the one who introduced Zora Neal Hurston to Voodoo; and with enough material for three films.


With the success of Dr. Strange and Black Panther I think we will find an audience waiting; a fan base has grown due to my blogging including fans writing music and professors with their scholarly epistles. Linking you to my Black Herman FB page and Slated pitch:   


I'm basing the expected return on the success of Dr. Strange and Black Panther; because I believe this project an antecedent. What you put in you will get 3X return. Since Film One primarily features interiors the costs are significantly lessened; for outside shots we need one 1920's block of row houses and another with a theatre marquee. Several back-alley scenes (looks like Digone Alleys from Harry Potter) A chase scene (gotta have a chase) that is partly CGI and can be shot on Forsythe Ave in Atlanta and environs;   - like the car chase in Venom; garnering the credit. I spent a year downtown Atlanta auditing a script writing group and watched filming in progress.

 We need a graveyard scene in Bavaria (St. Leonhard monastery) circa 1550 AD. Weathered English castle or close approximation. A bookstore scene which shot in China, [can be transformed into ancient China or, see  my attachment, a magical Inception-like place where the hero is handed the book he needs from Confucius!]  - if there is any reciprocity left after the tariff debacle - thus garnering a credit there. I had heard CGI costs were coming down and special effects do not drive this story they augment the acting. The African-American audiences will come out for this drama [even if we did the love story, like the novel - less costs - more drama] they will flock to theaters. Even in my area of Orlando which is primarily Spanish speaking, theaters were packed with youth and African-American families for Black Panther: It was a generational thing. Besides magic still sells! And it should drive sales internationally [especially since Black Herman is directly linked to Marcus Garvey]. Just as in Black Panther, audiences from England and Germany to India will show up. Africa is a given; adding a Chinese shot maybe helps in Shanghai. That Dr. Strange did $700 mil we could get a good fraction of that. [JOKER @ $745 AND CLIMBING]We need a heavy marketing campaign: a graphic novel or two and media influencers. Maybe get someone special for the music {I had once conceived of Alicia Keys making appearance over her song 'Another Way to Die' from 007 /  -Check out this love song Make it a cult thing.   The money in the streaming wars is amazing; and players are growing by the week. BET just announced a new service and they will be looking for content; it has been opined by a set director in London who has taken an interest, that producing an episodic product might be more attractive. Universal Theme Parks would make a great home for the Master magician and Renaissance Harlem [All that Jazz] as well.

Thank you for your time.




George Patton



I am  proud of my audio series: Stock Market Savants: Recession?:

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Black Magick Man
Black Herman stage magician, being groomed as a Magick Man; must combat inner demons, escape trap that felled his great ancestor before defeating monstrous evil loosed upon world of Roaring Twenties and Harlem Renaissance.
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