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I Wrote/Produced/Directed the micro-budget horror "Us Sinners", which has been hailed as "all micro-budget cinema can and should be", along with others praises. But, to fair, it's also been called "the worst piece of shit ever made.". Whose correct? 

My Avatar is an Us Sinners highlight:  #1 VOD at Amazon. Beating out Psycho. Of course Psycho is still in the top ten, and Us Sinners is 1,857,264. Actually it is nolonger available for streaming except through Hart D. Fisher's American Horrors, who holds the distribution rights. 

I have 4 other completed COMPETENT scripts, and a few I'm working on. 

So, what's my definition of competent?

A script where the story is SHOWN and not TOLD. 

A script where the characters do not do stupid things for the sake of story. But, instead live their lives and go through experiences. 

A script that contains no plot holes.

A script that can be taken and shot "as is" that will make perfect sense and hopefully be entertaining. But this of course is subjective to the viewer and reader. 

This does not mean it's a great script, or even a great story. That's completely subjective. But, these are all stories I would pay to see if I hadn't written them. 





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Scripts By George

Battle Of The Bands (vampires vrs zombies)
A human rock band believes becoming vampires will bring them the peace and happiness they've never known. They were wrong. But, winning the Battle of the Bands just might.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Horror, Musical For sale 116pp
Angie Baby
A woman with anger issues, kidnaps and tortures a guitarist till she agrees to assist her in recording her love song to Charlie. Charles Manson that is.
Feature Horror Seeking finance 87pp
In Board
A grieving mother with car trouble, keeps seeing her missing daughter.
Short Horror Seeking finance 11pp
24 Hours
A woman tries to make it the first 24 hours out of court appointed rehab.
Feature Comedy Seeking finance 88pp