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Gerasimos Rozis

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Gerasimos Rozis
Pátra, Greece

This is my hobby. A fantasy-action-adventure maniac, sometimes enjoy drama too.

Huge Tolkien fan, love one-man show movies.

Don't care too much about fame, just money! A realist..


Of course, my shorts are free up for grabs, just hit me up with an email!


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Scripts By Gerasimos

Two girls seek out glory spanning across multiple parallel realities, but with their destinies intertwined who will succeed?
Feature Drama, Mystery, Sport For sale 101pp
A soul's plea for help
A female comes up with an otherworldly plan in order to break into the company that created her, just to save her precious AI counterpart, even if that costs her own life.
Feature Action, Drama, Music, Sci-Fi For sale 109pp
KTT Part One - The Polar Cabal
When a terrorist group steals the blueprints for a new submarine technology that threatens the balance of the world's naval warfare, the point man of KTT, Martin Jacobs, is called in arms.
Feature Action, Crime, War For sale 110pp
When Angels Sing
On the verge of death, a divorced father returns home for his daughter's wedding, with the help of a divine force.
Short Drama, Family, Mystery Available for Free 16pp
2 readers love this script
The Dream Mile
Back in the 60s, a former female college track champion trains a black girl to win the championship, disregarding the racial discrimination challenges of her era.
Short Drama, Sport Available for Free 15pp
1 reader loves this script
Lost Souls
After a lost battle, two soldiers severely wounded, decide to do their duty, even if that kills them too.
Short Thriller, War Available for Free 3pp