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Gil Saint
San Francisco, United States

Within one year, I went from lonely office drone to Austin Film Festival Semi-Finalist.  How'd I do it? 

I sold my soul to Satan, of course! 

(He overpaid. By A LOT.)

No, no, no -- what was left of my mortal soul, after a life-numbing 9 to 5 sucked all my days into a vortex of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Ennui, yearned for a little creative freedom.  The kind of freedom you can only find on the page.  I needed to work through my demons and take control of my life again -- and if not my lifethen someone else's.  A fictional character perhaps?     

This is how I re-discovered my love of screenwriting.  After a few grueling months of trial & error, I'd finally written something that not only helped me work through some demons, but was also good enough to show people without shame.  It was called "Virtually Fine."  I call it My Little Script That Could.  It's a little ten-pager I wrote that's taken me out of my Cubicle of Doom and onto the festival circuit, going from Austin, TX all the way to Sydney, Australia with a few stops in between.  It's a short film; a dystopian dark comedy about the dangers of living life through a lens. 

Like I was before screenwriting. 

I'm working on a few other scripts at the moment (aren't we all?), all of them short films.  I don't have anything against feature-length stuff, I just haven't had a feature idea I wanted to explore.  Yet. 


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