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Gino Salvi
Genoa, Italy

Gino Salvi hails from Genoa, Italy, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. The son of of a cinephile, he found his passion in the musicals of Vincente Minnelli and Stanley Donen. Inspired to become a screenwriter, he dedicated himself to learning the rules so that he might realize them more fully and artistically. To this end, he he has read and studied in depth all the texts related to writing a screenplay and directing a film.. Working, he turned his attention to screenwriting, his more important feature-length screenplay. That script is a musical comedy. “AT FIRST GLANCE” tells the story of Isabelle and Matthew. They , two complete strangers, literally run into each other, spilling their belongings on the floor. After a brief shouting match, they go their separate ways. Isabelle and Matthew have never met before, and should never have met again. However, as they hurried to collect their things, they switched mobile phones. When they realise their mistake, they are already in Paris He is a chef in Paris, and she owns a a well-established boutique. It doesn’t take long before they give in to temptation and explore the contents of each other’s phones. And this mutual indiscretion will make them meet again. In the backdrop of a Paris buried by the snow, overwhelmingly romantic, animated by unforgettable characters – like the eccentric Marcus; Marta, Mattehw's hysterical girlfriend; and, Lady Jacqueline, the famous style icon - , Isabelle and Matthew will be involved in an intoxicating circle in which it will be very difficult, sealing the spectacular epilogue, do not fall (from the top of a heel boot 12) into the arms of love.

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In their phones, there are their whole lives. Matthew and Isabelle run into each other. What starts as a romantic comedy turns into a musical.
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