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Glyn Jones
Weymouth, United Kingdom

I am 40 year old screenwriter from the UK who loves to write provocative material usually in the action and sci-fi genres. Although I mainly work in Action I put a lot of focus on character development. Mainly inspired by John Woo. My films tend be be serious heart wrenching and often violent but not done for gratuitous sake. My focus in the future will be on Cyberpunk genre as I personally adore the futuristic neon lit worlds they convey. I have many unique experiences to draw from. Like running with horses to being on the street, living for two years sleeping under busy bridges and public toilets. The movie Bladerunner and The Matrix had such a profound effect on me as well as the Manga film Cyber City. I knew I had to come up with my own features and have been perfecting my technique since I was 21.


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