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Hi Grant here!

I 'm a British national and spent most of my life living in the UK ,I have recently returned to the UK after spending eight years living in Spain.

I was born and bred in Sheffield, U.K. my high school was directly behind the Shiregreen working mens club, the last scene  of  the hit movie "THE FULL MONTY "was shot there, and from the school gates you can see the area where the film "KES" was made.

An upbringing full of rich pickings for characters and stories, my friends were working class kids, some dirt poor some very comfortable, with good guys and gangsters in the mix, this is where I draw my insparation and characters from.

My writing style is working class British drama, comedy, dramedy, drama.

I will be reading some of your scripts, thanks, some talented people on this site for sure.

I work hard in my day job and write in the evenings, I've recently I had very good industry feedback for a script that I'd writen, so I thought I  would put it out and see what feedback I get from this excellent site, happy to recpricate.




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Scripts By Grant

Friday Night Fever
It's 2008 in recession gripped Spain, the beer drinking boss of a small ailing building company inadvertently hires a charismatic pyromaniac gangster to help on one last "big job".
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 120pp
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