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Grant Oviedo

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Grant Oviedo
Chandler, United States

Hi my name is Grant Oviedo and I am a starting cartoonist and screenplay writer who is looking for a place to put my scripts   for people to look at and enjoy reading. I started drawing cartoons when I was 5 years old and writing books since I was 8  and this has made me really understand and enjoy art as a whole and not a job to make money at. My main mission is to learn even more about how to draw and write professionally as a job and as a future career for my self. 

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Scripts By Grant

Women From The UFO
one day a man found a woman stranded in the desert.but when he asked her where she come from the woman replied I am an alien sent here because i was bad on my planet.
Episode Action, Adventure For sale 1pp
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carolina reaper
a woman gets in trouble selling illegal items online and needs to find a way on getting herself out of jail.
TV Pilot Comedy, Crime For sale 1pp
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the nebula squad
After an explosion happens in a laboratory that gives her superpowers a young female scientist must seek help from vigilantes in order to bring a group of villains to jail.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi For sale 1pp
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