GREG COTTRELL | Script Revolution
Fort Worth, United States

Hello. I've been writing scripts for over a year now and getting better with awesome mentors and critique experts. I thank everyone who helps along the journey. 

Update: My novel "The Man Who Went to Heaven" will be a feature film by 2021. Working with JCFilms. My script "Sins of Your Father" was a selectee of the Beverly Hills Film Festival (postponed at this time) and a true honor.

Working on my next scripts and updating social media while quarantined. Well, also have my day job that keeps me busy.

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Scripts By GREG

After a tragic car accident kills their parents, distant sisters are reluctantly forced together awakening vengeful spirits that grow stronger with their evolving hatred for life ultimately forcing them to fight for their lives.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 103pp
Sins of Your Father
Twenty years ago, in a small Texas town, several lives were shattered by a serial killer and now, a victim of the past is seeking revenge on the killer’s grown daughter!
Feature Mystery, Thriller For sale 103pp