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Mansfield, Ohio is my birth it was there in my formative years the desire to write hit me. I started writing since I was ten years old. I wrote my first poem in the fourth grade. Much later, I wrote one novel a few years ago and published it myself. Now I'm embarking on the challenge to become a screenwriter.

Scripts By Gregory

Wilford struggles with his Autism and Borderline Intellectual Disabilities and over protective mother who wants to control his love life with his new girlfriend.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 89pp
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The Boy Who Rejected Hitler
A young German boy falls in love with a Jewish girl amidst a thriving swing culture and the impending Second World War that threatens to tear their world apart.
Feature Action, Drama, Family, History, Romance For sale 70pp
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Not In My House!
A young African American woman falls in love with her Japanese email friend. She has yet to come out to her religious and strict mother.
Short Drama, Romance For sale 13pp
Rebel! Rebel!
Beatrice is prim and proper high school freshmen who never even wore a miniskirt. That's what her mother thinks. Unbeknown to her conservative mother, Beatrice is a closets lesbian with girlfriend who she loves.
Feature Drama For sale 89pp