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Hammoudi Abdelouahab

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Hammoudi Abdelouahab

Abdelouahab Hammoudi is a writer ,screenwriter and filmmaker. He has several works to his credit. Among them are:

Scriptwriter -

Film Scripts:

-The Golden Nightingale (action-thriller)
-The Treasure of the Amonekal (Action-thriller)
- Lamalif and the Toad Skin Hat (Fantasy-action)
- Stony I (Horror-thriller)
- Nahualli (action-suspense)

Produced scripts

- La Lune ne se lève que la nuit (Studak films - 2007)

1979 – 2014

1976 - The Cursed village
1980 - Wallet Sweet Wallet.(Won a 1st Prize)
1981 – Wallet Sweet Wallet (2nd part)
1981 - Hands Up
1982 - Frustration
1981 - Transfer
1983 – Impossible –
1983 - Duel at Ghar Ledjbel
1984 – Megahertz (Won a 3rd Prize)
1985 – Super narcissus
1994- The whole production won "the town of Brussels International Medal."


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Scripts By Hammoudi

The Golden Nightingale
A troubled cop saves three Native American hostages to discover that they possess a small golden nightingale which is more than just a family heirloom.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 114pp